Zoom Meetings

   Weather Tips Video, About 2 hours long. February 2022, Hosted by Astoria Yacht Club. Astoria Oregon.

 This is a 2 hour video presentation of weather history, and tips about navigating the US West Coast.

These are some of the links to the web pages presented in the video:

American Practical Navigator(Bowdich)  Pilot Charts  Pilot Charts PDF

Understanding the Inventions that Changed the World -> Caravel, Celestial Navigation.

Viking Longboats - Rowers

Prince Henry the Navigator  Caravel

Fleet Numeric Model(FNMOC) High Resolution Rapid Refresh Model(HRRR)  Hrrr Video

Noaa Eureka Weather  Weather Fax Pt. Reyes  USCG Pt. Reyes

Noaa Special Marine Warnings

Windy US West Coast Wind Alert US West Coast

Oceanography and Seamanship. Van Dorn

Waves and Beaches. Willard Bascom  Willard Bascom Books  Crest of the Wave, W. Bascom

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