WiFi Introduction

WiFi hotspots are constructed in various sizes and complexity. Small ones with up to 500 feet of range(30mw), larger ones with 4000 feet of range(200mw) and so on. The consultant companies want to sell you a large system and more complexity because it means more revenue for them. If you opt for one of their expensive systems then it needs to be a direct income producer, it will require more technical support, which you will have to contract for and the list goes on and on.

If you have a marina and you haven't done anything about WiFi, the first thing you can do, that won't cost hardly a cent is to post a list of local WiFi Hotspots on your bulletin board. List the free ones and the subscription ones in separate sections. Let the hotspot owners know that you have promoted their sites.

If you haven't thought too much about this topic, but want to get on the band wagon so to speak, start by considering installing a local hotspot at your office. The cost of such an installation could be as little as a couple of hundred dollars. See the Background Papers.

Your Own WiFi Hotspot  simple introduction with link to How to Build the Hotspot.

Seattle Wireless, one of the best links I have found. Excellent source of info on setting up your hotspot.

Links to Background Papers

Links to Consulting Firms

Links to Lists of Hotspots

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