Winds from the land, including "Santa Anna's". High pressure inland from domes of cold air sitting over the large American land mass, causes the wind to blow offshore. Worst Santa Anna winds, 80 knots in the Santa Barbara Channel, generally 35-50 knots.


Calm most of the time, except during storms and until the NW winds of summer set in.


Strong winds from the NW blow very consistently south of San Francisco, down to at least Point Conception. Weak fronts coming thru will dampen this down. NW winds to 40 knots.Worst area from Pt. Conception to Santa Cruz.


Generally calm until the winter high pressure settles in over the land.

In the fall of 1997 a Mexican hurricane reached 40 degress North Latitude. That's off Eureka California. This is a very rare occurence. The remains of hurricanes and the wave effects from them sometimes reach the Los Angeles area.

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