My Tactics


1. Never get out in front of an on-coming storm

2. Get in behind a storm and follow it; assuming there isn't another one close behind.

3. Have lots of potential crew, about 100 on my list.

4. Use crew who are available when the weather is right, not the other way around.

5. When the weather is right, don't delay, not even an hour. Get underway before the weather goes to hell, it will if you wait.

6. Make sure that the next storm, wherever it is, won't make the bars or harbor entrances impassable before arrival.

7. Personally surpervise any part of the passage where a mistake could sink the boat, or get someone killed.

8. The captain, that's me, is near the helm whenever the boat is approaching land, shallows or nearby traffic.


While you are sleeping or daydreaming, the Lady with the Green Eyes who Lives in The Deep is out to get you. And unlike you, she never sleeps or daydreams!

In order To Be Terrified, you first have to be awake and alive.

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