Site Security

This site is accessible from: "https" rather than http. Accessing from https provides a secure/encrypted connection from your computer to this web site. The certificate that I use to make the https connection was created by LetsEncrypt. It does NOT prove that I am the owner of these domain names and web sites. The certificate is suitable for transferring money or other such critical tasks as it is totally encrypted, but since the ownership has not been verified... I don't use it that way. There is much misuse of these "LetsEncrypt" Encryption Certificates as they do not prove ownership, only that the connection is secure. Be aware of that when using sites you are not familiar with. A site that has proven ownership will have the ownership name listed after the little green padlock.

https prevents what is known as man-in-the-middle attacks, or "code injection". Comcast uses code injection to present advertisements on it's Xfinity wifi system(not harmful). But, some other bad actors have been known to do the same thing, https is the way to prevent this sort of activity.

In other words, This also applies to An explanation of the value of https is presented in a video at YouTube. If you use the https version of the web site, some LINKS may not work, either because they are actually out of date and won't work in http, or because they won't work in https mode. These are being fixed as I find them.

NOTE: all of my web site system is accessible from IPV6 users, anywhere in the world. Some users no longer have direct access to the web via IPV4, since those addresses have been exhausted.

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