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Article at Ocean Navigator: Android Apps.

Towboat Lanes(Crabpot free)

Night Running: Portable LED Floodlight(pic). The latest addition to my kit of equipment is a high power floodlight that must be mounted on the hand rail up forward. The light itself is mounted on an aluminum plate, the plate can be tied to the hand rail and aimed out into the darkness. It can be powered by an inverter or generator delivering 120 volts AC. The entire light and accessories can be carried in "carry-on" or checked luggage. It makes seeing crab pot buoys easy as they stand out in the dark at over 100 yards. The reflectors on navigation buoys become noticeable at about 1/2 mile. The light is not as effective if there is fog or the humidity is high.

The power supply 120vac to 24 or 48 vdc for the LED light. I tried using a 12 volt version, but it burned up the wiring to the light. I had a problem with the 48 volt unit, in that the inrush current to the light caused the power supply to blink. The solution was to power up the power supply, then, turn on the power to the light. You have been warned.


I now carry a tracking device where you can keep up to date on where your boat is, the position report is updated about every hour.

Mike's Motorola Droid Application: if you or any of your acquaintances have a Motorola Droid they can obtain my application from the Droid Market Place. Search in "applications", under "mike yachts". Or, you can see my application offer in Android Market on your PC, by searching in google: android market mike yachts.

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BRAND NEW --Video & YouTube " has several pages of Pictures & Video Clips
Large Yachts
over 20 meters, copies of the regs for extinguishers, bells, VTS, etc.    --- COMPLETELY REDONE 1-14-2004

Long Range Offshore Cruising; Power and Sail
, Suggestions for ideal boat and a lot more.

Article about Delivery Captains at CNN
, August 2001.

Pacific Coast Harbor Pictures, in Color
PDF file about 1.2 megabytes
Mike's -- Trawler World Forum Posts
  This takes you to google search with my name as the search string. There are about 1200 posts.

Single Screw Vessels
Luck and Fear: the Rabbits Foot in Seamanship
Tips for Night Operations
Analyzing Hazardous Bars/Inlets .
There is a new page on Survival/Immersion Suits
There is much new material on seasickness. Seasickness
Resume has been updated. Resume
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