Long Range Offshore Cruising Books

Recommended Books.

Advanced Sailing. Tony Gibbs.
Outfitting. Practical Sailor.
Yachtsman's Emergency Handbook.  N. Hollander.

The Ocean Sailing Yacht. Donald Street.
The Voyagers Handbook. Beth Leonard.
Blue Water Cruising. Bob & Nancy Griffith.
Understanding Rigs and Rigging. Richard Henderson.
Sea Sense. Richard Henderson.
Cruising Routes. Jimmy Cornell.
Voyaging under Power. Beebe & Lieshman.
The Merck Manual. (Medical).
Heavy Weather Sailing. Adlard Coles.
Cruising As A Way Of Life. Thomas Colvin.

The Boat Repair Manual. Buchanon.
Metal Boats. Bruce Roberts-Goodson.
Steel Away - A Guidebook to the World of Steel Sailboats. Smith & Moir
Steel Boatbuilding : From Plans to Launching.  Thomas Colvin.
Boatbuilding with Steel, Gilbert C. Klingel.
Boatbuilding with Aluminum, Stephen F. Pollard.

Cambium Woodworking Web Site.

Understanding Yacht Design. Ted Brewer
Sailing Yacht Designs. Bob Perry
The Desirable and Undesirable Characteristics of Offshore Yachts.  John Rousmaniere.

Lonely Planet, series of travel books. Go to the travel guides section.

Safety Recommendations for Cruising Sailboats.

Practical Sailor - Tips, Tools & Techniques

Liveaboard Magazine

See also my general book page.

Blue Water Sailing Magazine.

Most of these books are only available used. Suggest ABE Books for locating these.

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