This must surely be one of the most interesting weather events possible.

So long as one is not the objectof the hurricanes' attention...

Hurricanes occur during the summer months of their respective hemisphere(northern, southern).

They do not spawn in cold water areas. This eliminates about 3/4 of all the oceans surface. A hurricane spawned over warm water, that encounters cold water or land, will die out. Not necessarily quickly.
When it dies it may not disappear. Rather, it can lose it's hurricane form(closed revolving circulation), and become an "extra-tropical storm". This means it has warm air and cold air. The fury of one of these things can rival the power of a serious hurricane.

At sea, a hurricane can form right over your head. In which case a satellite picture will confirm your fears, but may not show you the way out.

Hurricane Areas - Northern Hemisphere
Hurricane Areas - Southern Hemisphere

Hurricanes rarely cross the equator or come within 5 degrees of it.

Hurricanes are too dangerous to be around, in small craft or anything much less than 400 feet. Maybe, 1000 feet? Fast powerboats can be run in hurricane country in season, if you have good weather info. Otherwise, forget it.

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