Home Built Boats for Long Range Cruising

 Home built does not have to mean cheap or shoddy, but like everything else depends mostly on the care and skill of the builder.

Questions that you want to ask about a (home built) boat, maybe any boat?  In the case of a metal boat.

Thickness of the plating, generally 3/16 or 1/4 inch for steel and aluminum.
Identify the grade or alloys used.
Determine that the grades and alloys used are suitable for the purpose they were put to.
Take the grades or alloys and research them on the web. Keep this documentation for your files.
The steps taken in applying the finishing (paint).
What is the nature of the ballast? Lead is preferred, but iron encased in concrete maybe ok if the inside of the keel was sealed off from moisture.
Try to talk to the original builder if you can locate them. Ask for details, don't be pushy.
Ask about any mistakes the builder recalls and what they would have done differently.

How much documentation is available.
Plans, design and layout?
Wiring, plumbing, interior layout sketches.
Pamphlets for equipment, electronic, etc.

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