UL Rated Filters


S32xxTUL and RxxTUL filters are 10 micron and UL rated for USCG, ABYC, UK and other certifications. Contrary to some website information the UL suffix does not mean that the code number is replacing the Rxxx numbers.

The S32xxTUL (01,04,11)filters are the same diameter as the Racor 215,230,245 series but the gasket is smaller, about 1/2", and most likely will not seal if used on the 200 series. But the reverse may work(seal).

Note: Wix gasket 15242 may be usable with the Wix filters and maybe others to seal the filters with the too small gasket. It is about the right size.

Filters which make suitable substitutes, but are not UL rated:

S3201TUL: Wix 33783, 33693, WF10022.

Baldwin BF1249

Donaldson P5532xx

Note: the S3204 and S3211 do not appear to have any Wix or Baldwin replacements. The UL rated filters are generally about $20 more than the non UL rated versions and not as easy to find. The UL rated use metal rather than plastic bowls and I am not sure if the bowls are interchangeable.

The Donaldson's come in three micron different ratings, about 8" long.

UL = Underwriters Laboratory.

These Wix numbers will probably fit (not UL rated). They have the right diameter, thread size (1-14), and gaskets that are about the right size. They do not use a bowl as it is built in. You can use these Wix numbers to find numbers from Fram, Baldwin, Napa, etc.

Those without drains:

33528, 33107, 33239, 33109, 33240, 33115, 33352(6), 33342, 33674, 33374, 33177, 33691, 33339, 33340, 33334, 33341.

Those with drains:

33244, 33405, WF10064, 33367, 33932, 33693, 33985, 33005, 33965, 33522, 33604XE, 33675, WF10022, 33407, 33406, 33439, WF10044, 33422, 33955, 33732, 33604.


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