Turbine Filters

Filter code numbers and cross references to WIX numbers(33xxx).

Racor old numbering system use this format 20x0(S,T,P)M, where x = 1 for 500, 4 for 900, 2 for 1000. S=2 mic, T=10 mic, P=30 mic. The numbering system is not related to the so called new/old Racor filter style.

Here are some Wix substitutes.

500 Racor - 2010, WIX 33796 (2), 33794 (30)

900 Racor - 2040, WIX 33799 (2), 33798 (10), 33797 (30)

1000 Racor - 2020, WIX 33212-Old (2), 33793-New (2), 33210-old (10), 33792-new (10), 33437/33791 (30)

New Racor/Parker 900/1000 code numbers use this format: 20x0N-xx(02,10,30). Any real Racor filters are bound to be new style elements. Manual describing new black cap 900/1000 Racor improvements. The Racor 500's do not have the new features or numbering.

Amazon seems to have about the best prices, use the new Racor/Parker code numbers as the real Racors are generally the cheapest.

WARNING: the old style filter elements will NOT fit the newer Racor housings, have metal tops/bottoms. The new style filters from Racor and others will fit the old style and the new style housings. In general you will be safest buying new style filter elements.

  Alternative filtering material

The Turbine filters can be run without the filter in place(not recommended, obviously). The filter element may be able to be replaced with something(?). Searching the internet discloses some discussion of using toilet paper to filter diesel fuel. In point of fact in an emergency almost anything could be used to provide some filtration, even a cloth rag.

It MAY be possible that a Racor 500 filter(2010??) will fit in a Racor 900/1000 filter body and that goes for the 900 fitting in the 1000. The too small filter will have to be fixed in place to cover the return tube holes, a tie wrap might do. This may not work as the openings at the bottom end are different and the top opening may be just a little different. I will have to check this out by hand.

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