Bill Of Materials


Pumping FROM Racor 500 into Jug Using Steel Fittings

Pumping FROM Racor 500 into Jug Using Steel Fittings

Pumping FROM Racor 500 into Jug w/Vaccum Gauge Using Aluminum Fittings

Pumping fuel INTO Racor 500 and on to the Engine

HOOKING up Spin-On Notes: spin-on have 2 outlets. Hook one outlet(running engine) to the outlet of the second engine spin-on. All examples displayed using aluminum fittings except 3/4-16. "SAE" signifies straight thread, not "NPT" which is tapered. Running two engines off one filter probably means they can't run full throttle.

Hooking up Spin-On 400-600/120 size TOGETHER, uses 3/4-16 SAE

Hooking up Spin-On 400-600/45,60,90 sizes Together uses 3/8-18 NPTF

Hooking up Spin-On 220, 225, 230, 245 sizes Together uses 1/4-18 NPTF

Pumping FROM Spin-On 200, 400/600, 400/600-120, uses 1/4-18, 3/8-18, 3/4-16 into jug

Notes: "AN" parts #6 equals 9/16" UNF(SAE), Pictures to Follow

AN = Army/Navy, OD = Metal Tube

  3/8-24, 9/16-18, 3/4-16, 7/8-14 are all fine thread (bolt) sizes. Also known as UNF or SAE

-3 AN = 3/16" OD Tube, 3/8-24 SAE

-4 AN = 1/4" OD Tube, 7/16" - 20 SAE(not used by Racor)

-6 AN = 3/8" OD Tube, 9/16"-18 SAE

-8 AN = 1/2" OD Tube, 3/4"- 16 SAE

-10 AN = 5/8" Tube,  7/8"-14 SAE

Aluminum Fittings

Bulkhead Fitting, AN832-6D, Spencer

Female Swivel #6, FRA-499306-BL, Summit

Bulkhead Nut -6, EAR-592406ERL, Summit

Shutoff Valve, 1/4" NPT to 5/16" Barbed, Great Lakes Skipper, 1068248-1CR2

90' Elbow 1/4" NPT, 44705K278, McMaster

"T" 1/4" NPT, 44705K344, McMaster

Barbed Fitting, 5/16" to 1/4" NPT, 5357K34, McMaster

Nut Fittings, AN818-6D, Aircraft Specialties

Stainless Steel Vacuum Gauge, 2" Liquid, PB204L-V00, Amazon.

Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies. Aluminum Stat-O-Seals Sealing Washers

Alternate Fittings in Steel

Bulkhead Fitting 9/16",  FF1994T0404S, Grainger, Fluid Connectors

Bulkhead Adapter 9/16" to 1/4" NPT, 50925K541, McMaster

Adapters(steel) to Racor Turbines and Spin-On Heads(Racor numbers)

951-N4-H4, FTG

911-08-F4, FTG and McMaster

9040-6-4, FTG and McMaster

9040-6-6, Fisheries

911-08-F6, Fisheries

RK10110 3/8-24 Vent Plugs


Tubing. PVC for Fuel 5187K63, McMaster

O-Rings. Buna 9452K339, McMaster. Or Home Depot  #209 - 5/8" OD x 7/16" ID x 3/32

Edelbrock AN to NPT Adapter Fitting -3 to 5/16" 76525, Summit, FBM2000, 5357K51 McMaster


Mid-Atlantic Engine - Racor Accesories and Fittings - See: On and Off Highway, Gauges, Fittings. This has all the stuff from the Racor catalog. Some of the marine stuff is not listed in the marine area, you have to find it in the On/Off Highway stuff.

Designated Engineer (FL) has special shut off valves and vacuum gauges which are unique and lower priced than the Racor ones.

Fisheries Supply, Seattle

McMaster Carr

W.W. Grainger

Fluid Connectors, Hillsboro OR

Spencer Aircraft, Puyallup WA.

FTG, Modesto Calif.

Aircraft Specialties, Tulsa OK.

Great Lakes Skipper, Racine WI

UNF fittings from URMarketOutlet, on Amazon

Russel AN to NPT Adapter 614208, Amazon

8AN AN8 3/4-16 UNF, Amazon

Summit Racing Equipment.

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