Mike's Custom Weather System
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Mike's Buoy Roundup(demo) When I have a boat on a trip the boat's location is fed to the program that generates "Mike's Buoy Roundup". As the boat is moving, so is the list of buoys and CMAN stations that are included in the report. This is a demo report of the buoys with wind speed, gusts and direction for the previous 6 hours, within 200 nm of a location near Ventura Calif(Nov. 11, 2016). A similar report is the NWS "California Roundup"(current data). The active system stores a current report on my web site, accessible using a password, so that I can have the reports once an hour. The program that does all this can send text messages(SMS) to my cell phone with warnings of wind speeds above 18 knots.

If you look at the demo report link above, there are sets of data for each buoy and CMAN station.

The first line: Name, Distance, Latitude and Direction to.

Second line: wind speeds for the past 6 hours. The oldest on the left and the newest at the end of the line.

Wind Gusts are on the third line and Wind Direction on the last line.

I can quickly see the trend of speed, gusts and direction over the past 6 hours. To do this manualy would require a lot of manual work, the computer program does all the work.

Note: some buoys and CMAN stations provide data every 10 minutes, not just every hour. Those stations have all that data for the entire 6 hours as you can see for buoy 46025.

Special Marine Warnings

I have also built another program that sends the "Special Marine Warnings" to my cell phone. And another one that detects current weather forecasts that are issued at unusual times and then sends a warning to my cell phone.

I built these custom programs because although there are commercial providers that do similar things, they are generally more dependent on internet data high speed access whereas my system uses SMS texting which is more reliable and can be sent to my satellite (tracking/receiving) device when I am out of cell phone range. The boat tracking system can be viewed at this link. This is a highly efficient low cost system and can be enhanced and customized to suit my special requirements.

Special Custom Weather Links

I have hand made pages on my web site that have quick links to various weather reports and observations(buoys, etc.), which are text only, for rapid loading and lead to sources that I know are reliable. These pages are a kind of private bookmarks system, eliminates having to do searches by keyword.

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