Captain's fee

For runs on the US West Coast, I generally charge by the mile. The charge runs from $2.50 to $2.75 depending on boat speed, time of year and other factors. Crew costs are included in this number.
If going out of country, I generally charge by the day. There is a lot more variety here. The day rate runs from $250 to about $500, depending on size of crew and number of days. Although, most out of country trips take quite a bit more time than trips within the US.


Generally includes air fares to get the crew into position at the boat and to get home after the boat is delivered. Sometimes a vehicle is rented for one of these legs.


I buy fuel at the cheapest fuel docks available. I deliberately make stops where I know the fuel is the lowest. If the owner wishes I will leave the boat nearly full of fuel at the end of the run. For instance, going into San Francisco from the north, I will stop at Bodega Bay and top the tanks, as the fuel is cheaper than in the Bay itself.
Fuel is running about 85 cents average in the US. About $1.25 US out of the country, at the current time Nov 98.


Not included in the estimates as they should have been done before the trip.


Phone costs are usually about $3 per day in the US. Can be much higher if out of country. Mexico runs about $10 a day.

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