Used Boat Buying Hints
  • Never buy a used boat without a survey.
  • Be wary of marine surveyors. Get a good one.
  • Good ones are not easy to find.
  • How long in business.
  • What do they specialize in. (no one is good at all types and styles of boats).
  • I have a detailed booklet containing my suggestions for potential used boat buyers, of about 20 pages which you can have faxed or e-mailed to you for $8 US in the US or Canada(extra charges for fax phone delivery if outside US or Canada). Fax your credit card authorization to 1-503????? (No Fax presently active) Include a return address or phone number. (Don't e-mail credit card information, I don't trust the e-mail system. A fax is safer and you will know if you watch the fax machine, where it is going. It should show the number above during the faxing).

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