Broken Links

Everybody hates broken links, but there are some on this site and I am tracking them down in my spare time and fixing them.

They consist of several types. Some of the web sites no longer exist, period. In some cases the target site has been reorganzied with new folders or the index.html file has been changed to something else. If you click on a link and it "times out" the site most likely does not exist(except if you using this site in "HTTPS" mode, the link may not be accessible in https mode. You can try removing the "s" from the https at the begin of the URL. This may or may not work). If you get an "oops" message the page has probably been removed. If you get a 404 message means that the target server can't find the resource and is giving you an explicit error.


One last trick you can try is to delete parts of the URL from your browser line and try reloading the link. I haven't had much luck with this, but once in a while...

So, much for broken links.


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