Oceanography of the British Columbia Coast. Richard E. Thomson.
Tillamook Rock Light. James Gibbs.
Survivor. Michael Greenwald.
Oceanography and Seamanship. William Van Dorn.
Waves and Beaches. Willard Bascom.
Shipwrecks of the Pacific Coast. James Gibbs.
The Cold Water Survival Handbook. John Sabella & Associates, Inc.
"Survive the Savage Sea", "Sea Survival". Dougal Robertson.
Wind Waves. Blair Kinsman.
How to Avoid Huge Ships. John W. Trimmer.
Megayacht Wisdom. Haaks and Hoogs. (this is an excellent book, for any boat from 65 feet and up)
Shipping Out. Alan E. Spears. (how to find work)
Farwell's Rules of the Nautical Road.

Beating the Odds on the North Pacific, A guide to Fishing Safety, Sea Grant.

The Boat Repair Manual. Buchanan.
Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual. Nigel Calder

If you read this stuff, you may never go to sea again.

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