Mike's Custom Android Applications

I have built several Andrdoid applications that display the light lists or Local Notice to Mariners. Each has a specific purpose. I have included the URL links to each. Except for the discrepancy list, individaul Coast Guard districts can be selected one at a time.

LNM downloads and displays the local notice to mariners PDF files, which can be updated each week by the user.

Light Lists displays and has the data built in from the entire 48,000. Pro Version Video at UTube

(Free Version) Video of Light Lists

Discrepancy List displays a list or map of the so called discrepancies. Those light list items which are not as described in the master list: off station, light extinquished, etc. 

I built these for my own use, but they are excellent teaching tools.

More Local Notice to Mariners Info

Mike's Suggested Android Apps.

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